Saturday, October 26, 2013

Instant MongoDB book review

The new whole concept of NoSQL databases amaze me, so I was looking for a good book to start learning about them. After much research I have found MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL databases and easy to learn.
I have come across this book which is good for a starter to NoSQL database MongoDB.

  •  Apparently this book has been written for a newbie to NoSQL database and suffice the requirements of a new professional joining this field. The book is well written and edited and keeps interested in the subject which is a big attribute for any writer.
  •  This book explains other good concepts about Indexing and Map Reduce features which are also integral to NoSQL databases. 
  • The operators and iterations are well explained.
  • As I mentioned earlier this book is good for starters and lacks high level content about sharding concept which is integral part of MongoDB Architecture and base for all NoSQL databases.

Interestingly the book is not in a chapter format but is still keeps you engaged.
Overall for a starter this book can hook you up to MongoDB database which I will say is Mission accomplished.


  1. Thanks for your review. There is another book in progress which I am authoring and expected sometime second half of next year where you can expect some of the advanced contents. It would be a cookbook. Feel free to reach out to me with more suggestions..

    Thanks Again..


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